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Dee Izmail AW 20/21

2020 is wrapping up with autumnal tones and nostalgic notes of burgundy at the aesthetic command of Dee Izmail’s AW20/21 collection. From luscious layers of elegantly floral and comforting beige to flamboyant formal pieces. Lose yourself in the velour wrap which entices its prey with tiger print insets. Seduce others with the conker bracelet, set in a devilishly charming ‘D’ trinket which ensures you remain the center of attention, especially when paired with the soft touch pencil skirt, tempting any onlooker towards its hypnotizing hip insets. This pleasant collection makes room for a nostalgic stride with the satin patchwork skirt. Serving 90’s patterns with earthy, exciting tones and paired with the cool cobalt blue satin bracelet, this look allows any wearer to sport a lusciously nostalgic look with a modern zest of elegantly paired colors.

As the fashion industry looks for ways to become more sustainable, Dee Izmail launches A/W 20/21 from a combination of vintage and modern fabrics.

There’s something special about the way this designer has always delivered crafted pieces that embraces a handmade technique that can be passed down generation after generation. Izmail’s newest collection combines a forest palate with an electrifying twist of 80’s blue clubwear, fabulously managing to be fashionable with silver foil strips and versatile thanks to the pink shimmer shell chainmail toga top from the original celebrity collection. This collection also boasts the irresistible multi creme and beige slub knit blouson jacket and hot pants with matching silver foil lapels. This creme/beige set will be reflecting more than just iridescent light from it’s light, contemporary fabric, this will echo your most glamorous features, flash your eye for aesthetic and resonate with your innermost desire to combine comfort with eye-catching style. The Bordeaux Fringed crochet evening wear dress reinvented from the Crochet of her 1997 pieces for Destiny’s Child is getting a cool update with more to come for spring.